Today is Sunday that means rest day but as a mom and housewife there’s no rest day.

I woke up very late today bec. I slept very late due to my cough that everytime I cough my throat aches. As usual I did my daily routine, cook breakfast, bathed my baby and prepare things for my husband’s work. We eat breakfast together w/ my family and our vayan is fried fish that I cooked.

We have a lots of dirty clothes so instead of resting I washed it after I washed it, I washed the dishes, clean the house, fetch water, fold those clean clothes and lastly we eat our lunch.

During afternoon, our eldest sister arrived from Opon. I feel very happy bec. she is the person whom I can rely on during our hard times. She is the type of the person that when she helps she never expected something in return. She stands like our mother since our mother left us. She is my closest sister, she’s very kind and she’s not greedy.

She gave us some snacks for me and baby. I am happy bec. I didn’t expect that she will gave me a very beautiful dress..( she knows I love to wear dresses ) She said to me that she will gave me rice bec. she received a 50kls. of rice and she’s gonna share it w/ me, see how good GOD is ..

After I cook rice for our dinner, she gave us a vayan and she fed my daughter together w/ her family. I could not say bad something about her. I love her very much eventhough sometimes we had a misunderstanding.

Tommorow is another day to face and I am ready for it. I am very thankful to God bec. eventhough sometimes it is very hard but still He do great things.