Do you have hospital in your place? What are their way in attending their patients? How did they treat you? In this article I’ll write about our medical system.

In every place there is a hospital but it has a different way of their medical system. Some hospital are very strict and some hospital also is not strict but has a very low kind of service to their patients. Other countries has an insurance system but in our country only few people has an insurance and it can be counted only.

If any of my family member got sick we just went to our barangay health center or to some organization or charity that gives free service and free medicines. They only give service to those common illness like cold, cough and fever but if it is a very serious illness they will recommend to go to the hospital and we don’t have any other choice but go to the hospital. We can choose what hospital we want to go but the problem is if we are going to choose private hospital it needed for a downpayment. In public hospital they will accept you immediately but you will not be entertained immediately unless your illness needed a very quick emergency response.

In public hospital the bed that you are using for your everyday stay in the hospital has a payment but not so expensive compared to the private hospital and the worst is in one bed two patients will occupy.

Some medicines that is prescribed by the doctors can be buy in the hospital’s pharmacy and some of the medicine will be buy outside the hospital bec. sometimes some of the medicine in the hospital’s pharmacy is out of stock.

It is a very big problem to every people if one of their family members has to be admitted in the hospital because the payment is expensive even if it is public hospital and another problem is that the patients are not satisfied with the service that they are giving because it is a very low kind of service. You have to wait to their long and slow processing. Some of their doctors and medical staffs are very strict and sometimes they will make you embarassed in front of many other patients even me I experienced being embarassed by the doctor.

The patients would share in bed if you are in the ward area. You only have your own bed if you have your private room. Some of the patients also uses their PHiLHEALTH just to have their own room and for their free medicine. If the patient is going to be discharged from the hospital, the patient and its guardian has to wait to their slow processing of hospital bill. If the hospital bill cost a very big amount , they have to go to some charity or organization to ask for a discount in their hospital bill. They have to fall in line and wait it’s name is called and after that they will make an interview on you. After the interview, they will give you discount in your hospital bill and the balance is another problem to the patients family.

We have to find ways in order to find money for the payment in the remaining balance because if you can’t pay the hospital bill your patient can’t go home yet. The hospital will hold your patient until you pay the remaining balance. Some of the patients also has a PHiLHEALTH and the PHiLHEALTH would pay their hospital bill. So in order to prevent in this kind of problem, we really took good care of our family’s health because being in the hospital is not easy and it is a very big problem to every people.