What is an internet cafe? How does it looks like? What are the things inside an internet cafe? In this article I’ll share with you again abput pur internet cafe in slum area.

Each one of us knows about computer and internet. Internet has a lot of help in peoples lives. Everybody uses the internet cafe that includes children, teenager, married people, old people .. some of them are just playing games , using facebook , yahoo , gmail , others are making their school project.

Our internet cafe in slum area has 2 types. The 1st type is you have to insert 1piso coin in a coin slot and in every 1piso coin is 5mins. The other type is you have to pay per hour and each hour cost 15.00. I usually go to the internet cafe that is 15.00 per hour because I can save money and it is also very comfortable. It is air-conditioned. It has a wood divider that separate you from the other user. They have 40 seats available.

This internet cafe is operated by someone who is hired by the owner. We used to call her “Ate Jean”. When you are going to log in, you will come first to Ate Jean and tell her that you will log in so that she will turn on the computer and its timer.

She received her salary for every 15 days but her salary is not so big. She has been working there for 8 years. She has 3 children. Eventhough her salary is not so big but still it is a big help to there family. She’s a little bit fat, not so tall and she has a brown complexion but still she’s beautiful and lastly she has a long hair????. Everytime I go to the internet cafe , she always smile at me because she already know me I am her “regular suki(customer)”????.

You can move freely inside the internet cafe because it has a big space inside and a lot of chairs. The owner of the internet cafe put a Guard to ensure the customer’s safety. Our internet cafe may not be like in the other place that is by room but still it is beautiful. It is well-ventilated and well-organized. It is also a walking distance from our house.The internet cafe is located at the ground floor because the upper floor are offices.

Having an internet cafe as a business is a very big help because nowadays people lives depends on internet. They already forgot what our ancestors taught us. Internet maybe have a big help but also it has a very big disadvantages in our lives. We have to use internet in a very nice way.