Have you been to a province? Have you live there? How was life there at province? Describe life in province. Imagine how hard it would be if your house is located at the top of the mountain. In this article I would write what is life in province.

Our life in the province is not easy. In our province we are abundant in vegetables, fruits and corn but we are not abundant financially. We only eat fish, meat, chicken and bread a very often times. That’s why when we have visitor and they bring some bread for us, we are very happy.

Our house is located at the top of the mountain. In order to reach our house we have to walk 1km from the highway to the top of the mountain. Our house is not big but not too small also. Our house is supposed to be big but it was not build. The building of the house was stopped because all the materials are being sold when my mother was sick.

My grandparents always go to the farm to take good care of their plants in the field eventhough my grandparents are very old they still manages to go to the field and also it is their source of living. Our grandparents are the one who raised us when our parents sent us to the province. They are the one who always prepared our things in school. They provide us everything that we need. They are the one who attends in every school activity that we participate.

Since grade one until grade six I am a top achiever in our school. In every awards that I received my grandparents are the one who’s with me when I received it. They are very happy everytime me and my sister got an award. All I want is to make them happy and proud.

Every school days we woke up every 2 am in the dawn to fetch water , to take a bath and to wash our clothes. Imagine it how sleepy would it be to wake up at that early time. We have to walk 1km down to the foot of the mountain to reach the river, when we reach the river, we quicklu take a bath eventhough it is very cold then we wash our clothes and lastly we put water on the container that we are going to bring back to our home. It is very tired to walk up back to our house can you imagine it? So when we reach our house we are already dried up. We eat then after that we went to our school. That is our daily routine every school days. During weekends and holidays, we went to the river to wash our dirty clothes including my grandparents dirty clothes.

When my grandfather was still young, he used to be a conductor he is the one responsible collecting the fare of every passenger.My grandparents are the best in this world. If they have problem, I never see them fighting or shputing to each other but instead they talk to each other calmly.

I love my grandparents very much. They are the one who are always there when we needed help. Eventhough I disappointed them because I got married at an early age but still their love for me never changes.

We are not abundant financially but we are abundant in love, care and happiness. Eventhough we are lack of love from our true parents but we are overloved by our grandparents. That’s why I really wanted to help them even in small things. I want to help them in building their future dreamhouse. I want to help them in every way that I can.

I can’t imagine life w/o my grandparents. They are very important to me. When we are sent  back to the city my grandparents really cried hard. They said they would miss us. Nanay and Tatay I Love You very much and I promise I will help you building your future dreamhouse.