Today I woke up early bec. my brother will go to school. I quickly do all my morning routine like cook food, prepare his things for school and prepare his food. His vayan is chicken so he eats a lot and I am happy for that. I also gave him money for his allowance and also for the payment for their Christmas Party.

After I sent off my brother to school, I quickly keep the plates that he used, I fetch water, and wake up my baby. She has to bathed and eat bec. it is a little bit late. When I am preparing our food, my husband fold the blanket and sweep the floor. When he is done w/ his work he plays together w/ our baby. They are both happy and so do I.?.

When it is time for her father’s work, my daughter bid goodbye to her father and seeing and hearing them how sweet they are makes me happy.

When his father left and it is already afternoon, so we eat our lunch and after that we sleep. When we woke up and it is already 3pm, I quickly changed my clothes and also my baby and brother. I am going to bring them in the downtown. We visited to my husband’s workplace. I bought them some snacks and food. They asked me to buy toys but my money is not enough so I told them next time.

After strolling for how many hours in the mall, we went home and we reached home at exactly 7pm. I quickly changed and prepare our dinner. After our dinner, my baby and brother watched movie. They are really happy with our activities today eventhough they are tired.

After 2 hours, my husband already arrived and the children went to sleep. So my husband and I continue to watch the movie. While I am watching movie I also washed my husband’s uniform for work bec. it is already dirty and he only have 1 uniform.

Watching movies and talking overnight is one of our bonding moments of my husband ( we have not yet go out on a date even once ). See how good GOD is???? Eventhough sometimes , we asked Him for all the things that happens in our life but still He continue to bless us. So we should thank Him always.