What does your house looks like? Is it big or not? Is it beautiful or not? No matter how your house looks like be proud and thankful for it , you are lucky you have a house because there are lots of people who are homeless..


Our house is not like the other houses that is big and very beautiful. It doesn’t have a lawn , pool , garage or terrace. Our house has a lot of things that needed to be fixed.

Our house that we are living right now was build and own by my father. He is the real owner of thus house. He is the one who buy this area eventhough it is government property he still needed to buy this in order for us to make a structure for our house. This is where my family lived and we used to be once a happy family here before my father died and my mom left us.

If I would have describe our house , our house doesn’t have any rooms. Our living room is also our bedroom. We sleep here in the floor with the use of blanket. Our house is just made up of light materials or made by woods. Our kitchen is just near to our living room/bedroom.


As what I’ve said our house has a lot of things that needed to be fix like our roof that has a lot of holes , our floor is broken because some of the bamboo is already broken , the ceiling and lastly the kitchen. So when it is rainy season , the inside of our house gets wet also. We don’t have a complete facility and also we don’t have a complete kitchenware and complete houseware. We don’t have our own electricity. We just connect to our neighbor and we have to pay 500.00 monthly. We don’t have our own water and faucet so if we are going to fetch water , we will buy to our neighbor. We don’t have a Comfort Room or C.R. so if we have to answer to the call of nature wevare going to use “arinola” but despite how small our house is , we are still happy.

We take a bath at the front of our house because we don’t have a C.R. I really wanted to fix this house but sad to say I can’t because I don’t have enough money to buy those materials needed and payment for the labor. It requires a big amount of money in order to fix this house. I hope and I pray that someday GOD will touches someones heart and that person will help us in fixing our house.

In living this slum area everything needed to be buy. That’s why it is very hard to live here. People living here has a saying “No Money , No Eat”. There are lots of rumors also that this slum area will be demolished. I don’t wanna leave this place because this is where I grew up and we have a lot of memories here but this not our own lot. So if ever demolition will happen , my family will move to our province. We will stay there and continued our lives. We don’t want to but we have to because if we will not move to our province , renting house here in the city is very expensive.

I want to give my family a beautiful and comfortable house to live. It’s hard to have a house that living room , bedroom ,and kitchen that is not separated and no Comfort Room. Eventhough our house is destroy , small and not beautiful but we are still very happy as long as were together to each other and we are complete. It doesn’t matter how your house looks like because house is just a structure , the important thing is how happy the family living there because “Family Is Everything”..