Today is a Happy Day because today is my husband’s salary. We can now pay all our debts and credits to my neighbors and to the Sari-sari Store.

I cook the rice that is left that I bought last night for our breakfast and lunch. Thank God the rice is just enough for us for our breakfast and lunch. Our vayan for pur breakfast is ginaling, bihon and soup but I just credit it to the Carenderia nearby in our house.

I also borrowed 30.00 from the Sari-sari Store for my husband’s fare. He has to go to work today bec. today is Midnight Sale and it is very busy. I feel a little bit relaxed today bec. finally we will have money that is enough for how many days from now.

During our lunch our vayan is banana. After we eat lunch, we sleep, when we woke up I washed the dishes, cleaned the house and fetch water. My daughter asked me if she could go outside and play so I allowed her.

When evening comes, I borrowed 50.00 from my neighbor to my buy for our dinner. One of my relative bought some vayan and then he gave us some so our vayan is Free. I feel very happy ahaha. I still borrowed money bec. my husband’s salary will be deposited just this 8 in the evening.

After 2 hours, my daughter, my brother and I went to some place to get my husband’s salary so that we can buy food. When I already get the salary, I quickly bought some snack for my daughter and brother and they feel very happy and I am also happy seeing their expression ..

My husband’s salary is not enough for us bec there are lots of expenses for everyday used. That is why it is very much help if we have a small business like a Sari-sari Store bec. it can help in everyday life.

I can’t imagine that I’ve passed through those past hard days but I did passes through it by God’s help. No matter what challenges you are facing right now , you can pass through it bec. God doesn’t give a problem that you can’t solved. You just have to call unto His name and He will help you.