Today I woke up early bec. I have a lot of things to do. I prepare food for our breakfast, buy vayan, fetch water and we take a bath. After taking a bath, my children and I eat breakfast together and after that we went to the Health Center for my baby’s check up.

After the check up, my children and I went to the city to meet my friends. I sit down there for a while waiting for them. Let’s just call them Mr.M and Mrs.A. After a while, Mr.M texted me that they already arrived and can we just meet at the Brgy.Hall bec. they have some appointment there so I just went them for a while. It’s my first time to meet Mrs.A so I am very happy to finally meet her.

When they are finished w/ their appointment, we went to McDo to eat lunch. My baby and my brother are really happy esp. when we arrived at McDo, Mr.M let us choose what food we want to eat and we order a meal w/ a free toy. They are really happy esp. my brother bec. of the toys. We eat together and talk some things.

After eating, they let us to take a ride w/ them and they would just drop off us in our place. When we reach home, my baby is still eating fries. When she’s done eating, we went to sleep. When we woke up it’s already night, so I ferch water, washed the dishes, clean our house prepare food for dinner and we eat our dinner.

Today is a very long day and a happy day. I’d like to see them happy bec. as a mother, their happiness is also my happinnes. They are my treasures from up above. I thank God bec. He always bless us eventhough sometimes were having a hard time. Just thank God for everything. If your having hard times do something to make it easier bec. if you keep on complaining and do nothing , still nothing will happen also??