I woke up every morning at 5am to prepare food for my brother. I haven’t sleep well last night bec. I have cough, colds and headache that sometimes I can’t breath well.

I am also stressed thinking where to go for our rice. I just cook the remaining 4 cups of rice for our breakfast I know it is not enough for us but as long as we can eat it is okay. I prepared fried fish and pancit canton for our breakfast and as for my daughter she eats rice with MiLO and still it is credit from the Sari-sari Store.

My husband still go to his work even if his money is not enough. During lunch time , my daughter and I ate rice and banana as our lunch.

My neighbor asked me ” Why do you always stay at home?” then I just answered her “I’d rather stay at home and spend time w/ my daughter than staying outside and facing those fake smiles and fake people”..

Eventhough I am not feeling well, I still managed to do all the household chores like washing the dishes, fetching water, cleaning the house, folding the clean clothes, washed the dirty clothes, bathed my baby and lastly cook dinner for us.

I just bought 1/2 kilo of rice that is enough only for our dinner. I also cooked noodles and beefloaf as our vayan. I know early in the morning by tommorow I will search money to buy rice bec. if I can’t find money we can’t eat.

We maybe have a very hard time but our happiness was never gone and that happiness was given by our baby. She always make us happy. Our life is hard but still we managed to survive. That what life is, full of trials, problems and challenges but we can pass through it as long as both of you help each other to find ways.

It maybe not easy but strengthen yourself bec. GOD will help you to provide all your needs.