What does it feels to have someone who loves you? What joy does it gives to you? What problems does it give to you? In this article, I’ll w/ you again my not so perfect love story but I’m still thankful for it.

Love story in real life is not is not like in fairy tales, not like what we imagine that will happen. At first, we thought that love story will always be fun, happy and enjoy but it will be opposite because there are lots of challenges and trials that will come through.

So my love story goes like this, I met my husband in our province. It was fiesta in our place. He went to our province because his classmates are my neighbors and fortunately it is also my childhood friends. He saw me in our store but I didn’t entertain him. He do everything just to get my attention because based on him I look very stunning, very sexy and very beautiful in short he is love at first sight with me.. I just entertain him when he asked how much does the drinks cost then after that I left him. I also got attracted to him at that time but I didn’t show him, what I didn’t know is he already got my number through my cousin and my cousin told me that after they left.

Few days passed, somebody texted me and I had a guess that it is him and I was not mistaken so I just ignore him. He keeps on texting me so I texted also, so we started texting each other. Sometimes we see each other and go to the mall. We got comfortable to each other. He is my confort when I ever had a problem.

After 1 month our problem started I caught him that he has another girlfriend. I didn’t let him choose between the two of us. I just told him that he should not show his self to me and forget everything about us but I was shocked because when I got home from school he is already there waiting for me. He explained everything and he is begging for another chance. So I give him a chance bec. at that moment, I already fell in love with him so he tries everything to fix our relationship. We became so happy. Every salary he give me money for my foods and allowance.

After how many months I got pregnant with my 1st baby but unfortunately it was not meant for us bec. my baby grows in my fallopian tube and it has to be removed immediately so that I will be saved from death. We had a very hard time , he never leaves my side and thanks GOD because we passed that challenge. After two months since I was operated w/ my ethopic(*ectopic) pregnancy, he asked me that if its okay that we will lived together so I agree and our both families also agreed our decision.

We are so happy eventhough sometimes we have fights, misunderstanding and problems that come through our relationship but we faced it together. After 3 months of living together, I got pregnant w/ my 2nd baby. We are a little bit worried bec. it might be ethopic again and we are so blessed bec. We found out that the baby is okay. My husband take good care of me including my brother bec. When we decided to live together my brother is also living w/ us. He loves my brother like his son. He provides everything we need. His very responsible, hardworking and kind man. I am very lucky bec. GOD has given me a man who loves me inspite of my imperfections.

When my tummy gets big, he didn’t allow me to do household chores instead he do all household chores even if he just got home from work. Sometimes my husband is a little bit naughty and hardheaded. Since our baby came into our lives we became so happy. He never changed the way he is. He became more hardworking just to provide all our needs. Eventhough my sister and brother is living w/ us but I never heard a word from him. Sometimes we have fights and misunderstanding but we fixed it immediately. We don’t want to let our fights to last long, all we wanted is to be happy always and let it each other feel our love. Sometimes we’re having a very hard time but thanks GOD we passed through it w/o getting in our mind ti separate lives. We are now 3 years and 5 months happily living together even if we don’t have our wedding yet but I know someday we will have our own wedding. I know GOD will touches someone heart to help us in our wedding.

Every relationship has its own trials, problems and struggles it is up to you both on how you manage to fix it w/o breaking up. You have to be strong and whatever problems may come to your relationship, you just have to face it together. Believe me, if your love for each other is real, every trial will be easy on you both. Love may come in unexpected time and unexpected way. If a person truly loves you he or she will accept you even if how imperfect you are.