Do you still have your grandLolo(Grand father)? How was he? Have you shown him how you loved him? Have you said sorry for all those naughtiness that you’ve done while he was still young?

I am shocked when my cousin called me on my phone and told me that our great grandLolo passed away.. October 2,2016 at exactly 3:00 pm is the day that I can’t forget because he already left us. His like my father also and my hero. Sometimes I am very naughty and hardheaded but still he manages to control his temper and be good. I never experienced being beat by him or even pinched. Can you imagine it how kind is he?

I could still remember that everytime those times when I was still living in our province, everytime they eat meal together with my great grandLola he always asked me “Have you eaten?, Come here sit beside me and eat.” If I would describe my great grandLolo , his handsome , he is the most caring , loving , thoughtful, industrious and kindest Lolo ever.

When he have money, he gave money to all his grandchildren. He always went to his farm and field. He went there with barefoot, can you imagine it how hot would it be to walk with a barefoot. He doesn’t care the heat of the sun as long as all his plants and crops are healthy so that when harvest time comes he could harvest all those healthy plants and crops. If he has food even how little it would be he still manages to give us all. His not greedy.

My great grandLolo has an illness , he uses “catheter” in order for him to urinate. Every week he went to the hospital to change his “catheter” but despite of his illness he still go to his farm and field. Our house in the province is located at the top of the mountain you have to walk 1km from the highway to reach our home. The water is located at foot of the mountain so if we have to fetch water we have to go down and walk for 1km in order to reach the river.

I got pregnant at an early age, I thought he will be mad at me but instead he is happy with me for I have my own family. I never see him got mad. He always smile..

While i am writing this article, all my memories with my great grand Lolo flashes back and I can’t help myself from crying. I really, really miss you Lolo. Your smile, your voice, your hugs, your laughters and your advices. It hurts to lose someone who showed you how much they loved you. It hurts to think that one of the important person in my life is now gone. If GOD would give me one more time to talk with my great grandLolo, all I can say “I Love you very much Lo and I miss you so much Lo. I know your okay and happy now because your in the hands of our Almighty God.”.. You will always be remember Lolo and you will always stay in my heart always and forever…