My day today is very happy. I don’t know why but I woke up very happy eventhough I am still sleepy.

I prepare our breakfast, things of my brother for school and things for my husband’s work. I already fetched water last night so my brother just bathed directly. I just cooked canned goods for our vayan.

After I sent off my brother to school, I quickly keep those plates that my brother used, fold our sleeping mat, bathed my baby, sweep the floor and prepare our food. After that eventhough my husband has a little time he still played w/ my baby. They have so much fun together.

When my husband has to go to work we bid him goodbye and when he left we eat our lunch. While eating our lunch, my Nanay arrived from our province. She has to do something here and it is all about the insurance of my great grand Lolo who passed away last October 2,2016.

I feel very happy bec. I missed her so much. My sister, Nanay and I talked a lot of things and we are very happy w/ our conversation. It’s been a long time since we talked like this.

After we talked a lot and we feel sleepy, so we go to sleep. When I woke up,  I washed the dishes, fetch water, cook rice for the dinner and bathed my baby. We just buy vayan in the carenderia.

My baby do a lot of things and tricks that makes us all happy. She really brought joy in our family. We are not rich in money or material things but our love for each other is very much abundant.

Though sometimes we had fights and misunderstanding but during those hard times only your family is the person whom you can rely on. Love your family and value them as precious as jewels.