Today I set myself not to be so stressed bec. of my stressed I got sick. My husband borrowed 40.00 from his workmate. So we divided it by 20. The 20.00 is for 1/2 kilo rice and the other 20.00 is for his fare. The 1/2 kilo rice is not enough for our breakfast and lunch but because were having a very hard time we managed it to be enough.

My brother doesn’t go to school bec. he doesn’t have an allowance. Our vayan for our breakfast is Pancit Canton and for my Baby is Milo and as usual it is still credit to the Sari-sari Store.My husband still go to work even if his money is not enough for his allowance and fare.

When afternoon comes , I started to feel worry bec. I don’t have an idea who to go to borrow money and luckily when I try to borrow from Noy Boy he allow me to borrow 50.00 so that I can buy rice for our dinner. I feel relieved when he handed me the money bec. finally our dinner is sure now. Then it is my cousin’s birthday today, so our vayan is free AHAHA.

Today I really did not set myself to be stressed bec. I wanna relax even for a while. I really feel pity to my baby bec. she keeps on telling me that she wants some snack but I couldn’t give her anything.

Tommorow is another day and another problem to be face but I am ready for it. I am not dreaming to have lots of money but having my own sari-sari store is my dream. It is a very big help to everyday life.

I am still thankful for everything that happens in my life now eventhough it is hard. I know I can pass through it bec. GOD doesn’t give a problem w/o a solution. So cheer up ..!!