Do you know what is a vulcanizing shop? How does it looks like? Do you also have it in your place? In this article , I’ll share w/ you is all about vulcanizing shop.

Vulcanizing shop is a shop where you would go if your vehicle has damaged. It repairs flat tires, brakes and a lot more as long as it is all about vehicles. Some of the vulcanizing shop looks like a very class one and the other vulcanizing shop is mostly along the road and not their own area.

I know a vulcanizing shop that is near to our place and the workers are very close to me. They are also my parents closest friend namely Kuya Joel , Kuya Jimmy , Kuya JohnRey and lastly Kuya Tonyo. They know me well that’s why whenever they see me, they smile at me and talked sometimes. They always give me advices about marriage. All of them has their own family except for Kuya Joel.

They worked at the shop for a very long time. Their salary is not too big that sometimes it is not enough for their family. It is just around 200.00+ but it’s okay w/ them because sometimes they received a tip from their customers. All of them are kind and generous.

During their working hour, they dressed up very untidy and they looks like beggar or those dirty people who stays at the street. Kuya Tonyo and Kuya Jimmy are the ones who keeps on reminding me and telling me that “Whatever happens or trials may come into my married life be strong always. Do not let other people ruin your relationship w/ your husband. Listen to him and take care of him because he is working hard for you and your children. Be a good mother and a good wife.” They are like my parents.

Kuya Jimmy , Kuya Joel and Kuya John Rey are staying in the shop bec. the shop has a room that is for their workers. It has a room that can only fit for 3 persons. It has a comfort room but they don’t have a kitchen. They can also move freely. It has free electricity and free water.

Their shop also has a very big place that can fit for 6 vehicles to be repaired. Their shop also has its own store of spare parts but it is not complete. When the gate is closed duribg night tine, their shop just looks like a house w/ a parking lot.

They maybe look like a beggar during working hours but how does they look like is not important. The most important thing to them is how would they raised their family and provide all their needs. I salute all those vulcanizing shop workers bec. they doesn’t matter what other people say about them.

So those people who can read this , always bear this in your mind ” Do not be judgemental. They maybe looks very dirty but we don’t know what they’ve been through in life. Instead of judging them, try to encourage them and help them to see how wonderful life is”.