My day today is very tired.

I woke up late bec. my head really aches. I quickly got up and prepare food for our breakfast. While my brother is eating his breakfast, I prepare all his things for school.

After I sent him off to school, I fold our sleeping mat, bathed my baby, sweep the floor and ferched water. After that, I prepare myself  bec. my Nanay commanded me to go to City Centre to do something inportant. Eventhough my head really aches, I still manage to go to City Centre so that in the afternoon we will just go to a big shopping mall.

When I got home it is already lunch time so we eat our lunch and rested for 30 mins. At exactly 1pm we go to shopping mall for the insurance of my great GrandLolo who passed away Last Oct. 2. I feel a little bit irritated with the lady who entertained us bec. she doesn’t give us exact information so we have to come back again. Imagine that going up and down again and again while carrying a baby how tired it is ????????

…My Nanay and I feel a little bit hungry so we rest for a while and eat some snack. Finally when we came back to that company it is already done and we just have to follow up call after 1 month from filing.

When we reach home, it’s almost night but I feel a little bit dizzy and my head really aches so I take a nap for a while. When I woke up, it is already night so I prepare our food for dinner, fetched water, bathed my baby and sweep the floor. I did not buy vayan bec. my sister already gave us.

It’s a very tired day but it’s okay atleast I helped my Nanay in a little way. I don’t want her to see suffer or struggling bec. she’s very old. She can’t even see things clearly . I’d rather choose to let myself suffer than seeing those important person suffered. That’s how I love them very much. Someday I will treat my Nanay and Tatay to some known restaurant so that they will be happy. I thank God bec. He blessed w/ a very loving person.

Though we are not rich in money but our love for each other is more than enough.Thank you so much Lord God for everything ?????