Do you know what is a sari-sari store? How does it looks like? Is it big or small? In this article I’ll share w/ you is all about our sari-sari store in our slum area.


Sari-sari store is one of our culture. Sari-sari means “mix”. It sells everything like foods, softdrinks, water, snack, vayan, seasoning and a lot more. In our slum are, there 4 sari-sari store and its different owner but I am closest to the one owner named “Manang Gina”.

She understand the situation of every family that sometimes it cannot pay the credit. She knows how to handle people. She maybe strict sometimes but still she is the best of them four. I admire her way of handling people around her. She’s kind, understanding and very smiling??. Sometimes when we don’t have money we come to them and borrow money. Some of her vayan cost 10.00 and above, some snacks cost 5.00 to 15.00. She also sells water but the price depends on how big your container is. She just sell everything for a cheap price even if she will just profit a small amount of money.

Her sari-sari store is just in her house and it stands for a very long time. It is not so big that only 1 person can be fitted but you cannot also lie down because once you lie down you can’t move around.

She also have her family. She was also blessed w/ a very kind husband. She is a very hardworking woman and she is the one who supports her sister’s children. She has a curly hair that it’s length is just in shoulder level. She also wear glasses because sometimes she cannot read clearly the words. She’s already 47 years old, 5’1ft tall and she weights 60 kls. Her husband is 44 years old. Before her husband marry her she already have a child but still her husband accepter her, love her, take care of her. Her husband also treats her son like his own son. They are married for almost 25 years no matter how many times they tried to have a baby but still they didn’t have. They maybe not blessed with a child but still they are both blessed w/ each other.

It is also my dream to have my own sari-sari store someday. I know someday that my dream will come true. We maybe started in a little way until it gets bigger. All you have to do is to love everything that you do and be patient until you get your success..