What does it feels to have a baby? How do you feel about it when you are still teenager?  How do you handle your new life with your baby? What joy does the baby brought to your family? In this article, I’ll share with you my happiness when I knew I’m pregnant even if how young am I ..

I was 16 years old when I knew I was pregnant. We are very happy when we knew about my pregnancy. It never comes up into my mind in aborting my baby because I knew Baby is a Blessing but there are lots of questions in my mind like , “Can I give all the needs of my baby? Can I be a good mom? Can I really take good care of my baby?. I just ignore those hesitation because I trust myself that I will be a good mother to my baby and I knew my husband is there to help me everytime.

What I am afraid most is due to my previous pregnancy that is ethopic(*ectopic) pregnancy(*Please read the last post “My Most Unforgettable Experience“), I got worried because there are lots of possibilities that it will be ethopic again but thanks God because we found out that the baby is in it’s proper place and it is very healthy.

After I knew about it, I prepare all the things that my baby needed and things that will be used in giving birth to my baby. I take all the vitamins, I always drink milk, I eat fruits and vegetables everyday, I take enough rest and lastly I always do an exercise so that my baby will be healthier. My husband and I saved money for the payment to the maternity clinic when my baby comes out.

FastForward. It was evening around 10pm on December 25,2014 when I started to feel the pain but it just strikes a very often times. So when I started to feel the pain, we quickly packed up all things that is needed and we went to the clinic. Instead of being afraid, I was so excited to see my baby. When morning comes, around 9am in the morning, the pain started again and starting that time the pain lasted for how many minutes and I just feel relieved for how many seconds because the pain has gone. My face is very ugly. I want to cry but I can’t. I look very funny at that time. If ever the pain strikes again and lasted for a very long time and it is very painful. I will call my husband to come near to me, when he comes near to me I will punch him and he’ll go far from me.

My labor lasted for 6 hours and yes it is very painful. Around 3:18pm on December 26,2014 when my baby finally comes out. I feel very happy when I hear her little cry and see her even if she’s far from me. My husband cries when he knew that our baby finally comes out. We can’t explain how happy we are. We receive our most precious, most beautiful and most genuine gift from up above that is our baby and we feel very blessed. When the nurse finally give the baby to us , my husband carries our baby and I can’t stop my tears from falling seeing my husband how happy he was carrying our baby. The pain that I suffered for 6 hours is all worth it. I am very lucky and happy because GOD chooses me to be the mom of this baby.

Fastforward. My baby is now 1 year and 10 months. She’s very naughty, bubbly, talkative, full of energy, very intelligent, adorable and very beautiful . She’s my greatest Gift from up above. My baby is like a mature person ,she understand what you say to her and she response quickly. I love my baby very much, no matter how many times I will experience no eating as long as I prioritize my baby. No money or things in this world could compare to my baby. She always bring joy and happiness to every one of us.

So to those ladies who got pregnant at an early age or who got pregnant and you are not yet ready be thankful for it because babies does not happen accidentally and it is the greatest blessing from up above. Always remember this “GOD allow this things to happen in your life because HE has a greater plan for you, no matter what your struggle is you’ll pass through it, because with GOD nothing is iMPOSSiBLE..