What does it feels to be taken care of your mom? What does it feels when your mom is always at your side to support you? In this article you’ll know what is the feeling of growing up w/o your mom?

My mom is beautiful. She always smile eventhough she doesn’t have her teeth. She’s very smiling despite of all the problems that she was facing. She works very hard for us. She even chooses to work instead of taking care of us. She’s the one who sent us to the province. As what I’ve said to my previous article , she really loves my father eventhough she experienced many times of being beat and punch by my father. She’s what we called “Martyr Of Love”.

Growing up w/o your mom is not easy , it is very hard especially when your Mom also doesn’t show that she care for her children. I love my mom and I miss her, it’s been 4 years since she left us w/o saying anything. She loves her work very much and she doesn’t have time for us her children even seconds she can’t give to us. Eventhough my father  would hurt her many times through physical and emotional but still she continues to love and live w/ my papa because she love my father very much that’s why when my father died she really cried and she’s very sad and depressed.

After how many months , she decided to find work so that she can give our daily needs. At first, she just work and never hang out with her workmate. I thought it will be forever but it is only for a while. She became a party girl. She always went out w/ her friends. She acted like a teenage girl and she forgets that she have a children.

Until such time comes , when we know that my mother has a new boyfriend. I hate her because she’s feeling teenage and she never acted as our mom anymore. At that time, all we wanted from her is love , care and time but we’re very disappointed because she never give that to us. I thought she will be a better mom when my father died because she’s the one left in us.

One day we are so worried about her because she doesn’t come home until we knew to her workmate thar she’s living with her new boyfriend. She just give us money and food but she doesn’t come home anymore. We learned to live in our own and not to be dependent to someone. We are the one who took good care of our 3 year old brother.

We celebrate Christmas w/o her in our side. When it is almost Christmas we came to their boarding house but when we arrived there , there is no person. She already left us w/ her boyfriend. They already moved to Ilo-ilo. It really hurts because we celebrate New Year w/ our own, w/o a father and w/o a mother. She just call us and tell us everything when she already arrived in Ilo-ilo.

How irresponsible mother is. I really cried when I know that she left us I feel sorry for my little brother because he will grow up w/o our parents but as long as we could we don’t want to feel that way that’s why we’re trying our best to be his parents. December 29,2012 is the day she left us w/o saying anything.

I hate her for that. She’s very irresponsible but eventhough I hate her, I missed her so much. Her hugs, kisses, laughters and everything about her. I wish she will come home before Christmas I want to spend time w/ her before everythings too late.

Ma, I wish you will come home now .. We don’t hate you anymore. We just missed you ma.

All I can say to everyone who reads this that “Never hate your mom no matter what she’ve done because you don’t know that 1 day she’s gone forever but you just hate her and never forgive her. Love your mom as much as you could so that in the end you will regret nothing.”