Do you still live w/ your papa? Have you spend time to each other? Have you shown him how much you loved him? Have you said sorry for every wrong that you’ve done? In this article is all about my Papa..

It was not easy to grow without a father and worst thing is to lose him and you haven’t spend time together. My father is not perfect. He has a lot of imperfections but besides of his imperfections I still Loved my Papa. I miss him so much.

When I was little, I could always see my parents fighting ecah other. My papa would beat or punch my mama eventhough they knew we’re watching them. I always cry everytime I saw them fighting and hurting each other. I even hated my father because he always makes my Mama cries and leaves a lot of bruises on my mother’s body.

It is hard to lose a father because there is no one you can come into when you’re having a hard time with your family. When my parents sent us to the province, I hate them both. How bad am I to hate my own parents but we’re thankful because we also have our grandparents who loved us very much. Everytime my Mama visited us in the province to give money for our monthly consumption, I could see in my mother’s body that she has a lot of bruises dobe by my father but still she continues to live w/ my father because she really love my father.

Every special and important occasion that happens in our life they only sent us money but what we need is their presence. Until such time cones that my father leaves us and went to a far away place with her mistress and the worst is my Mama is pregnant at that time. My mama’s life become miserable and also our life. We are very affected at that time and we canot focus in our studies. My mom also got into a relationship w/ other man. At that time I hate both of my parents because they’ve shown us how irresponsible they are. Our grandparents advices us that we would never hate our parents because whatever happens they are still our parents.

After how many months of their misunderstanding, they talk each other and fix their problem. Our father’s job was stable so everytime he got his salary he always bring us to some fastfood and malls. The baby that my mother’s carrying died because of her depression.

So fastforward, my father got an illness and it is getting worse and that time also my mother is also pregnant and she also have an illness and she have to give birth because it is the month that the baby will come out. Thanks God my mother give birth safely and the baby is healthy that is my youngest brother.

So eventhough, my father has an illness he still find a way to earn money just to support our daily needs and for the needs of the newborn baby .. My father’s illness got worst so I was sent back here in this slum area to take good care of him while I’m studying. I experienced no eating here in a day. My father is always high tempered and everything that he holds he will throw it if nobody listens. I also experienced being slap on my face, thrown a mug with a coffee and taking a bath while sleeping. So my mother decided to come back here in this slum area to take good care of my father eventhough she is still sick but she’s getting okay.

After how many months my father died. He already surrender. He died because his illness got worst. It really hurt because that time Christmas is fast approaching. December 6,2010 is the day that our father died. I really regret because I haven’t spend so much time with my father. If God would give me 1 more chance to see, to talk, to touch and hug him. I would love it and I will always be thankful of it. I’ll tell him everything I want to tell him, how much I love him, I miss him, I want to hug him and kiss him and lastly I want to spend time with him. I really love my father.

Pa I Love You Very Much and I miss you soo much.

So if you still have your father give time in talking and bonding with him. Loved him and value him while he was still with you before it’s too late because once your father’s gone, he will never be back again..