What are your experiences in life? Have you ever experienced being embarassed? In this article is all about my experienced that I can’t forget ever.

Every person had an experience that we can’t hardly forget. Some of them is sad experience , happy experience , memorable experience or embarassed experience. Experience happens so that each one of us will learned a lesson.

October 15,2013 is the day that 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit our slun area. When earthquake hit our place, I was changing clothes then the ground shakes heavily, our cabinet fell on my legs and I ran outside our house quickly. I was all alone at that time. So when evening comes, my older sister told me to go to their house so that I will have companion and also for my safety.

The day after the earthquake, we still feel the afterschocks and I started to feel pain in my stomach. It hurts very much that whatever sleeping position that I do the pain is still there. I suffered the pain for 2 days, on the 3rd day our Pastor told me that I will go to the hospital to have some check up because I looked very pale and he give me money.

When I arrived to the hospital, I was attended by the doctors immediately because I looked very very pale and I need a quick response of medication. I was sent to the other building for my ultrasound check-up. After we get the result, we found out that I have an ethopic case(*ectopic pregnancy). It means that my baby is in my fallopian tube. I was brought to the O.R. immediately so that the operation will proceed because it can kill me.

After the successful operation I was brought to the recovery room , when I woke up I saw my nanay( the one who raised us), my husband, my uncle(my father’s cousin), my sister and my Lola(my father’s mother). I feel relieved because I thought nobody cares for me and I thought that my Nanay will be mad at me but luckily I saw my Nanay in tears because she is worried about me all the time. At first my Tatay got mad at me but his love for me is more than hate. My lola promised to my Nanay that she will be the one to guard me tha day after my operation because my Nanay has to go back to our province to get some things and ask some help financially.

When morning comes, I was all alone I have a very high fever and a lot of medicines to be buy and the worst is my Lola never comes. I cried very hard because of my situation I can’t even get up because my wound on my operation is aching. Luckily , the patient and her husband on the other bed feel pity on me. They buy all the medicines and her husband also take good care of me. My nanay arrived in evening and when I tell her about the incident in the morning my Nanay really cried because she didn’t expect that my Lola will do that , if she only knew that my Lola will do that she won’t leave me.

My Nanay went back to our province to get some money for our hospital bill. I also feel pity to my husband because every night after his work he went to the hospital to take good care of me and in the morning he goes to work w/o enough sleep.

I tried my best to be okay so that I will be discharged because I want to pay to everyone who show love for me. Until now I can’t forget what my Lola did to me that’s why I never feel love on her. I love my Nanay and Tatay most because they never abandoned me. I will do everything to pay everything. I can’t forget this experience because it shows me those true people who really care for me.

So give importance to those people who cares and loves you and ignore those people who brings bad memories in your life.