Do you have flower shop in your place? How big is it? How was the price? How many workers does it have? In this article, I’ll share with you about our flower shop in our place ..

Each one of us knows what a flower shop looks like. In our slum area, we have a flower shop that is really near to our place. It has a lots of different kinds of flower. It also have bouquet and they also accept bulk orders, they also accept arranging flowers based on your request and they also accept flower arranging on events like baptism, wedding, opening of business, nuptials and a lot more.

It stands for a quite long time. The owner of this shop is my late father’s childhood friend. They became the best of friends eventhough the owner is a girl. She’s a very fat girl. She cannot even stand on her own because of her obessity. Right now , she is already matured but still she is single bec. she prefer working than finding a lover. She give most of her time to work. She’s very kind, generous, hardworking but she’s not greedy. We used to call her “Mommy”. When I was a kid I could still remember that everytime we went to her shop, she would give us money or food. She always teased me because based on her she loves to watch me crying.

Her flowers are sold for a very affordable price. Each flower has its own price and it’s price depends on what kind. If you are going to request to arranged flowers into bouquet, the price also changes. In every flower that you buy from them is very beautiful that you won’t regret about buying to them.

Her shop is fully air conditioned, it has also a wifi , 1 computer for her secretary and a long wide chair for the customers who are waiting their orders. It has a big space that you can move freely. She also have her own table, telephone and computer. She was the one who handle her shop. She has a lot of workers and she has her own maid. Her shop also haw kitchen, comfort room and upstairs is a room for her maid.

They also have 3 service cars that are used for delivering flowers. It has a little space for a parking lot.  All flowers that is for sale are displayed in the front. It has a very good scent. Their shop has a very beautiful view that would everyone would look at.

Her shop stands for a very long time because she handles her business very well and she handles her workers very well also. She also support some of her worker’s children by sending them to school. Everyone loves her because of her kindness and generosity. My family owe her a lot but she never thinks of it. The way that she treats us was never changed and I salute and admire her.

My only message to her is “Mommy thank you very much for everything. Eventhough you’ve always teased me and makes me cry but still I love you”. If I would have a business or shop someday , I’ll follow the way she handles her customers, workers and her business so that everyone would love to buy in my shop and it will stand long.