Today is rainy day and every rainy days we called it as “lazy day”. As usual, the rain get inside to our house bec. of the holes in our roof.

I prepare food for our breakfast, fetch water & bathed my baby. After I sent off my brother to school, I fold our sleeping mat and we eat our breakfast bec. I have to ironed my husband’s uniform.

The sun just show up for a while and then it rain again. When my husband went to work, we eat our lunch. After we eat, my baby quickly fell into sleep and so do I.

When I woke up  I take a bath and cleaned our house. I have to go to the internet cafe to send my husband’s dtr to their agency in order for us to get his salary. It is a little bit tired bec. the internet cafe is walking distance from our house and aside from that it is also a waste of money bec. I have to pay in every hour I spend in using the computer.

When I went home, I washed the dishes, the calderon, fetch water, bathed my baby and cook food for our dinner. I didn’t buy our vayan bec. my sister give us.

Honestly, I don’t like rainy season bec. if it rains, our house inside gets wet also. When the rain stopped, I wiped our wet floor w/ a rag in order to prevent any accident. After I finished wiping the floor, I put on our sleeping mat on the floor bec. my baby is now sleepy.

Though our house has a lot of things to be fixed but were still thankful bec. we have our shelter during rainy and sunny day.

I thank God bec. He never forsake us but instead He continue to bless us. Never ever complain about your situation instead do something that will make your situation easier???? ..