Today I woke up a little bit late because I slept very late last night due to my baby’s birthday. I prepare our breakfast, returned the borrowed calderon, knives, tupperware and chairs. After that I fetch water, bathed my baby, clean our house, continue to wash the dirty plate and then we eat our breakfast.

I prepare the things for my husband’s work and ironed his uniform. When my husband went to work I quickly washed the dirty clothes while my baby is playing. I stop washing the clothes for a while to eat our lunch. After we eat our lunch, my baby went to sleep so I continue to washed the dirty clothes. After washing all those dirty clothes, I fetch water and washed the dishes.

After all the household chores is done I take a bath and then my baby woke up. I changed their clothes because we are going to SM to visit one of my baby’s godmother. We also bought pillows that are for sale and just placed along the way. I also bought gift for my sister, toys for the children and I also bought gift for my husband:).

When we finished visiting my baby’s godmother we already went home because it is very late in the evening. When we arrived our house, we changed our clothes, we eat our dinner and put on our sleeping mat.

When my children lye down they quickly fell to sleep because they are tired and they are also enjoyed. I wanna make my children happy even in a little way because it makes me happy also and I also believe in the sayings that says “what the child feels is more what the mother feels”.