Do you have any neighbors? How many are they? What kind of people are they? In this article you’ll my neighborhood in our slum area.


In this slum area, there are lots of people living here. I think it is more than 100 residences living here. They choose to live here because living here is for free or some of the room for rent is very cheap. Some of the people chooses to live in the cemetery because it is free.

There are different kinds of people living in this slum area. There are good people, bad people, theift people, gossiper people, talkative people, envious people and a lot more. I have a good relationship with my neighbors eventhough they’ve hurt me many times emotionally. Sometimes I find trouble with my neighbors because they talked my life over and over again even my personal matters in life. Everything that I do or everything that happens in my life is what their observing and talking about. I feel hurt everytime they do that to me. If I’m already full of them and I cannot hold my temper anymore that is the time that I burst out on them and I find trouble.

Some of my neighbors also are good that when your having a hard time you can approach them sometimes. It hurts to think that I can easily approach other people than my own relatives. I have a neighbor here that during the hardest time of my life, she and her family is there to give me shelter when I don’t have nowhere else to go and they give me comfort during those sad times of my life. I am very thankful because there are still people who are kind hearted and then there is a tragedy happens in their family. It was a sudden and quick happenings, so I was there at their side to give some comfort.

Not all people living in this slum area is bad but sad to say you can count only those good people.  They just ignore the garbages in their environment and it’s bad smell that can cause an illness. Sometimes this neighborhood agrees to do a community work for our community and sometimes there is a trouble or fight happens here.

Living here in our slum area , you’ll face through a lot of challenges. You’ll meet a lot of people and different kind of them. Some might help you and some will destroy you that will bring you down. All you have to do is to be strong in front of them and show them that you are not affected in everything that they talked and do about you.