Today I woke up early and cook food for our breakfast, fetch water and then I went to the market to buy soup for my baby because she is hungry early in the morning. When she’s done eating she went back to sleep and so do I. When we woke up, it is already 10am, so I quickly stood up, fold our sleeping mat, bathed my baby, prepare my husband’s things for his work and then I buy vayan and we eat our breakfast.

Today we are celebrating Innocence Day that means fool those innocence one. I’ve fool a lot of my friends and then I really laugh at their reactions.

When my husband went to work and it is already lunch time, so we eat our lunch and prepare myself because Mr.M, Mrs.A, and I are going to meet to try if the wifi through tethering really works. I came at our meeting place late because I came also from my husband’s workplace and then send money to my mother(who left us). She asked some money for us because she said she doesn’t have money and she has to bring her children to the hospital.

As her child, we feel pity to her eventhough she left us but still she is our mother. So when I arrived at our meeting place, I handed them my gift, it was just a simple gift but I made it with all of my heart and sincerity.

After trying it and it works, Mr.M give my baby a chocolate and my baby is really happy because she really loves chocolate and then we went home and my baby is wearing a happy face.

When we reached home my sister is in our house and she just passed by because she came from the hospital to have her daughter a check up due to its fever. We talked a lot of things and I also fool her. She started to feel nervous about what I say and then I tell her that it was just a plain joke and told her that today is Innocence Day. I gave her my gift and she was really happy because based on her I was the only one who gave her a gift then we went to the downtown area again to buy sandal for my baby and polo shirts and jeans for my brother. Some of my baby’s godfather just give her a cash as a Christmas Gift, so the money that my daughter received is what I used to buy sandal so that my baby could use it.

After strolling in the downtown are for a quite long time, we went home. I quickly prepare food for our dinner, buy vayan and then fed them. After eating I put on our sleeping mat and we lye down while watching movie. I can’t explain my happiness when I shared my blessings to others because the more you blessed others the more GOD blessed you also. Remember as you share your blessings to others, you also share your happiness to them. So let’s blessed the other’s to spread the happiness.