Today is the day before Christmas and everyone who lived here in our place is very much excited. In our slum area it is our tradition here that we celebrate Christmas Party every 24th day of December.

One of our neighbors here offer his sound system to be used during the Christmas Party and for the disco. Every family paid 200.00 for the foods and 150.00 for the exchange gifts..

Everyone is very busy preparing their homes for the Christmas, others are also busy preparing for the party and their gifts. While everyone is busy, I am also very busy cleaning our house, putting things in it’s proper order, preparing our foods and taking good care of my children.

During morning I brought my children to the feeding center because my friend Mr.M and some of his volunteers prepared some activities and gifts for the children. When their program has not yet started, Mr.M handed me some big christmas gift and I am very thankful about it.

When they started their program they decorate their cakes, played some games, do some dancing and singing. Children are very happy especially when they received the shoes that includes my baby and my brother.

After the program, we went home to eat luch because it is already lunch time. After we eat, I put on the pillows to let my children sleep while I take a bath and changed my clothes because I will go to the downtown area to buy my gifts for my manita and buy some small preparation for my family to celebrate our Christmas.

I stroll in the downtown area almost 2 hours and finally I found the perfect gift for her. When I went home it is almost night and my baby is still sleeping, so I quickly wrapped my gift, clean the house, fetch water, cook rice for our dinner and I went again outside to buy our vayan. After that, I bathed my baby, fed them their dinner and changed their clothes for the party.

The children here in our place that includes my baby are very happy. They danced with the beat of the music, played games and many more. The party for the elders has not yet started because the others went to the church first to attend the mass.

After an hour, we went home because my baby is already sleepy, when my baby fells asleep the party started so I went down again to attend the party. There we exchange our gifts. It is very much fun and enjoying because it has a lots of dancing, playing games and foods for everybody. My husband and my cousins also just drink at the front of our house and mingle each other. They started to get drunk.

When the clock strikes at 12am, it is already Christmas time so we greeted everyone who we sees:). We eat and celebrate Christmas together with my family. We just had a simple Christmas celebration but as long as my family stays together and happy forever it is enough for me.

It is my only wished every Christmas that my family will always be happy, blessed, and stays together. I don’t want to celebrate Christmas without my family because I know how it feels like to celebrate Christmas without your family. That’s why as long as I could, I would always keep my family together no matter what challenges may come.