Today I woke up early eventhough I am still sleepy bec. it is sunday and today is the day of my sister’s church christmas party. My baby and my brother is really excited to join????. I am very thankful to God bec. He really help to find money so that my baby, my brother and I could join.

I bathed my baby, cook food for our breakfast and after cooking we eat. After eating breakfast, my baby and I lye down back to the sleeping mat and we fell back to sleep????.

When we woke up it’s already afternoon so we get up and eat our lunch. After eating , i fetch water, sweep the floor and I take a bath. After taking a bath, my children and I went to some department store in the downtown area to buy things for our gift.

As we walked to the downtown area, I saw an old man carrying a sack full of sand. I feel pity to him bec. supposed to be he will be resting at home now at his age. Based on him, if he would stay at their who would support their daily needs and he has some grandchildren to raised. I don’t know but I was really touched by him so eventhough my money is just small but I manages to free him some snacks and juice and yes I can see how happy he was and so do I.

I saw a lot of people w/o proper shelter, I could not imagine how to lived there esp. during rainy season. I continue to walked, when we almost reach the dept. store I pass through an old lady selling earrings, I was attracted by the earrings so I bought 1 pair for me and 1 pair for my baby. As she handed me the plastic, she haven’t notice that she gave me 3 pairs of earrings, so I gave back the 1 pair to her.

She’s very thankful bec. based on her there are only few people who are honest to the other’s???? and I also feel happy for her complaiment and we go to the dept. store.

When we went home , I quickly wrapped the gifts, washed the dishes and after that we changed our clothes. My sister’s family & us went together to the party. My sister is the one who pays the fare so I was free again????.

Luckily when we reach the venue the party has not yet started. After 30 mins. the party started and people also started to get many. We eat dinner first bec. it’s already dinner time after eating, there are groups who performed some dramas, singing & dancing. There are also games for childrens and adult. All the people there enjoyed esp. my baby??. She keeps on saying “hi” to everyone.

So it’s time for exchanging gifts  and so we did it. After exchanging gifts we went home. All the people from the party, when to their homes wearing a happy face??. In our life we should be ready for every ups and down, the happy times and bad times, the easy times and hard times. Whatever it is, faced it w/ a heart full of trust to our Lord God bec. on Him nothing’s impossible. He will never leave you nor forsake you but He will accompany you all the time.