Today I woke up late bec. there’s no more class. I prepare food for our breakfast, fetch water, & keep our sleeping mat. After it, I bathed my baby and we eat our breakfast. My husband and the children played bec. my husband have some extra time. They really enjoy playing together and I love watching them.

When it’s almost time for my husband’s work, he prepare his self while I prepare his things and after that we eat together our lunch.

When my husband went to work, I prepare pillows for the children bec. it’s time to sleep while I take a bath. When I’m finish taking a bath, I started to washed our dirty clothes and washed the dishes.

We have a neighbor here that I didn’t expect that she will do such thing. Let’s call her Mrs.G, she’s a housewife and a mother of 2 children. She left her family and ran away with another guy. I really felt sad and pity for the children. I know how hard it is to grow up w/o complete family. She left her family w/o saying anything eventhough her husband has done nothing wrong with her, she just thinks of her own happiness than her family, how selfish she is ????. How could she sleep properly at night ?? Isn’t she afraid of “Karma”? Doesn’t she value her family? She exchanged her 10 years of marriage for her newly meet boyfriend?

I don’t want to hate her bec. I don’t know her reason but whatever reason she have, she should think first of her children. After hearing that news, I can’t concentrate on what I am doing bec. I can’t help it but really feel pity of the family she left.
So it’s already night, I cook rice for our dinner and after cooking I went to the market and bought some vayan. When I got hone I bathed my baby and fed them dinner. After eating, I prepare our sleeping mat. My children lye down, played for a while and my brother went to sleep first while my baby is still waiting for his father to arrive from work. When her father arrive, she was really happy. I prepare our food and guess what? My baby ate again for the 2nd time ahaha.

After eating, my husband, my baby and I talkef for a while about his work ( I always do asking about his work everyday ) , listens music and we went to sleep.

My family is not perfect, we have a lots of imperfections. Sometimes we fight and argue but we still managed to talk about it, fix it and not to last it long for our baby. My husband and I are the same growing up w/o a complete family that’s why we don’t want our baby to grow up w/o a complete family. Children are the greatest gift from up above, so value and love them bec. not all are blessed w/ children.