Today our country celebrated the Rizal Day or the day of our National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal.

I woke up late and I quickly prepare our food for our breakfast, I keep our sleeping mat, bathed my baby, changed her clothes and cook scrambled egg for our vayan this breakfast.

After eating my husband went to the barber shop to have a haircut while I prepare his things for work and after that my baby and I played together for a while then after a moment my husband arrived from barber shop and prepare his self for work.

When my husband went to work we eat our lunch because it is already lunch time then after eating we went to sleep while my brother is just watching a cartoon movie.

After an hour we woke up because my eldest sister arrived from Opon and she’s very noisy, so when she noticed that I am already awake we talked a lot of things and give my brother a new pair of shoes as her Christmas Gift and my brother is very happy.

When she went home, I stood up and fetch water, take a bath, and fold our clean clothes then I washed our dishes and cook rice for our dinner while my baby and my brother is at my sister’s house playing together with her children.

When I went down to their house my children are already eating because she fed them also. See how kind she is:). She also give me a ham for our vayan so I don’t have to buy anymore and I can save my money.

After they eat , we went home and I put on our sleeping mat because they are already sleepy. When they lye down, they quickly fell to sleep.

Today is just an ordinary day but as I spend my day together with my family it becomes very special no matter how hard or easy it is. I’d rather spend my time with my family than spending with those useless things or people around me.