Today I woke up early because I am going to visit my hometown. I am really excited to visit my grandparents and other relatives there. I prepare food for our breakfast,take a bath, I also bought vayan for our breakfast, bathed my baby and fed them then were ready to go.

After everything is ready including pasalubong for them, my husband send us off to the terminal so that it will be easy for us. So we are all excited for our visit. When the bus started to go , my baby started to feel uneasy so I just sing her a lullaby so that she can go to sleep. When my baby fell asleep my brother also feel asleep so I have a very hard sitting position carrying them two , can you imagine it? Eventhough I also feel sleepy I fight my sleepiness so that they will not feel down.

When the bus stops for a while because the driver will eat, I also bought some food for us to eat. After a few hours we already arrived at my husbands place. My mother in law is really happy because finally after how many months, we visited them. My baby do some things and tricks that made them really happy.

After an hour, my father in law already arrive, so its time for us already to go to my homeplace Lantawan. My grandparents are very happy also because we visited them. I brought them some bread, chocolates and some food and ingredients for their Christmas preparation. We eat lunch that our grandparents prepare for us to eat. It is not a very classy food but the thought of how my grandparents prepared it is the most important. We talked a lot of things about our lives and situation while my baby also do some tricks, dancing, singing and more things that made my grandparents very much happy.  I take a nap for a while and went to sleep while my baby is very energetic that she keeps playing with the other children.

After an hour, we bid goodbye to my grandparents because we are going back to the city and its almost night time. I gave money to my grandparents, my grandlola, grandnanay and grandyaya that made them really happy. I gave also some foods and chocolates to my cousins and other children realtive.

So after that, we take a ride on the bus and travel back to the city and again I have my very hard position in sitting. I also bought some bread, rice and barbecue for us to eat whenever we are hungry along the way. We reach home at 8:30pm, so I quickly prepare food for our dinner, sweep the floor, fetch water and bought some vayan for our dinner.

Today is a very tired day but its okay because I visited my family. I am really happy that I share my blessings to them eventhough its not a big amount because I know I also share them my happiness. Share your blessings to others, no matter how big or small it is. Its not the amount that counts, but the thought and sincerity of it, it is the important because Christmas is the season of sharing.