In our country there are lots of different shops. In our slum area there are lots of shops nearby like barber shop, sari-sari store, flower shop, vulcanizing shop, carenderya and buy and sell shop. Each shop has a different owner but some of the owner just hire someone to operate their business. Each shop has different kind of business so the pricing also is different and it’s price depends on what kind their item or food is. I’m going to introduce each shops in our slum from this time.


Do you know what is a barber shop and how does it looks like? How much does it cost for a haircut? In this article I’ll share w/ you is all about our barber shop in slum area.

Our barber shop in our slum area is just walking distance from our house. In our slum area, there are 3 barber shops. Each barber shop is operated by different people. There is an old man, the matured one and lastly the teenage boys. I only go to the barber shop if my husband and brother needs a haircut. In the 3 barbers, I am closest to the matured one.


We used to call him “Kuya Bert”. He is around 30 years old but he doesn’t really look like his age because he has a very good haircut. He has a moustache and he has a physical defects but still he continues to work hard for his family. He is 5ft tall, not so fat but not so slim also. His barber shop has 1 seats and 1 wide chair for those customers who are waiting in their turn. His barber shop also has a television so that the customers will not be bored while waiting it’s turn.

Everytime he sees me , he always smile at me even if we met only on the road or school or any place. He is also like me a very talkative person. If ever my brother needs a haircut, that is the time that I will go to his shop and we start talking a lot of things. He is a barber for almost 15 years.


He was only hired by someone. His income depends on how many haircuts he have done. Each haircut cost only 40.00 per man. Sometines his income is not enough for his family expenses. He also have 3 children. That’s why every people here in our slum area has to worked hard just to earn money in order to give their family needs. We are not abundant in money but our love for our family is more abundant than money. As long as we our family is happy and altogether, our hardworks is all worth it.