Today I woke up early and started to do my daily morning routine. I cook food for our breakfast, washed our dishes, bathed my baby while my husband keep our sleeping mat then he sweep the floor. After that we eat our breakfast then we played for our while as our family time.

As hours passed by, it’s time for my husband work so I prepare his things for work while he prepare his self also. When he went to work, we eat our lunch then after eating my children went to sleep. When their already sleeping I ready myself also because I will go to the Supermarket in the downtown area to buy our those things that will be used for our daily needs and hygeine while my sister volunteer that she will be the one who will take care of my daughter while I’m in the downtown so that I can get home early.

As I arrived in the Supermarket, the people is not so many anymore not like those past few days and what really caught my attention was the Shoplifter. I could not believe that he is a shoplifter because he dresses formally and arrogantly based on the C.I it’s the new way of the criminals to hide their real identity. I feel pity for them because what would his family do now but he has to pay his sin.

I continue to walk in the downtown then I passed a lot of things and accessories that are for sale and just placed in the sideway. Some of their sales are just cheap and some of them are expensive after strolling for how many minutes I went home.

When I arrived home, my baby is already up then I give her some snack, put our rice in the rice container, washed dishes ,fetch water and cook rice. When the rice is already cooked I went to the public market near in our slum are to buy some vegetables and dried fish for our vayan. When I arrived home, I quickly cooked the vegetables into a vegetables soup then fried the dried fish then when it is already cooked I fed my children because they are already hungry and yes they eat a lot because based on them my cooking is very delicious.

After they eat, I bathed my baby and changed her to her sleeping attire. My sister went here in our house and bring my baby to their house downstairs so I sweep the floor and put on our sleeping mat.

Today is just an ordinary day. I just enjoy my everyday life with my family taking care of them and loving them very much. It maybe hard or tired but believe it is the best job in all kinds of work. Good Night everyone 🙂