Today is December 17,2016 and it is our 43rd monthsarry of my husband????..

I woke up as early as I could eventhough it’s weekend to do my duties as a housewife. I am also preparing bec. there is a party that will be held here in our slum area and organized by Ptr. I prepare food for our breakfast, fetch water, and bathed my baby while my husband keep our sleeping mat.

It’s almost 9am when I already done my household chores and were ready to go to the party??. My baby is really excited to join the party and yes I can see in her eyes how happy she is??.

On the party, there are lots of people that includes parents, brothers and sister and children who looks very malnourished and they didn’t even take a bath. I feel pity for them and how could their parents just let their children looks this way??????.

The children danced, sing, playing games and listen to a story. They eat some snacks and after a while they play games again?? .  The children are very happy and enjoyed eventhough my baby doesn’t really know but still she participated????( she’s really like me).

When it is already time to distribute the pack lunch, the give aways candies and toys the children’s smile almost got into their ears???. They are very lacked in foods and toys if God would give me a chance someday to be financially stable, I won’t hesitate to share my blessings w/ them.

After the party, we went home w/ a happy face??. My children and I shared the packed lunch, after we eat I put on their pillows and they lye down. I washed the dirty clothes. When I am finished washing the clothes , they are still sleeping so I take a nap also.

When I woke up I washed the dishes, fetch water and clean our house bec. I have to go back again to the internet cafe to resend my husband’s dtr and it is another expense of money. When I went home from the internet cafe, I cook food for our dinner. I bring my baby when I buy our vayan.

Tommorow is the Church Christmas Party of my sister. She invited me to join but I am still not sure to join bec. the adult’s gift is worth 200.00 and the children’s gift is worth 100.00.

I admit that we are not financially stable but it’s fine w/ us as long as all of us are in good health and we are happy for every blessing that we have and we would have. Money can give you happiness but it is just for a while but your family can give the lifetime happiness. Love your family than your money.