Today is not like these past few days that is very stressed full. I already set myself not to be stressed out w/ the problems. I just laugh and not to think too much of it. I rather spend my day playing w/ my Baby than focusing on problems.

The rice that I bought last night has 4 cups left that is what I cook for our breakfast. Our vayan for our breakfast is Beef Loaf and again we credit it to the Sari-sari Store. Our credit to the Sari-sari Store includes vayan, shampoo, laundry soap, water, butane and many things that is used for everyday life.

My husband borrowed money from his workmate for his lunch yesterday and fare so he went home w/ a 43.00. Eventhough it is enough but I am still happy atleast his allowance and fare is for sure now.

Our neighbor talks and agrees that we will have a Christmas Party in our place but I am not sure if I will join it bec. it has a payment worth 200.00 for the food and 150.00 for the gift. I fetch water, washed the dirty clothes, washed the dishes, bathed my baby and cleaned the house.

During lunch time, our vayan is noodles and we shared it w/ my baby and brother. After we eat our lunch, we sleep bec. we used to do it everyday.

When evening comes, I try to approach our neighbor named Doming and borrow money from him and luckily he let me borrow. I felt relieved and happy bec. finally we have money to buy rice for our dinner. After I get that I quickly go to the market and buy 1 kilo of rice and Barbecue for our vayan tonight. I just divide the money so that it will be enough.

I am still thankful to our ALmighty God eventhough we have a lots of problems bec. He gave us a good health. Sometimes too much stressed causes an illness and that’s what I learn from these past few days. Everyday is a challenge that we are going to face and pass through. As we pass through this challenges, we learned something from it and we should apply it in our life and we should not forget to thank GOD for everything that happens in our life.