Today I woke up a little bit late. Thank God my sister gave food for my brother’s breakfast so I don’t have to rush.

I quickly prepare breakfast for us. After that, I fetch water, fold our sleeping mat and sent off my brother to school. I bathed my baby and so do I. My family and I eat breakfast and after we eat, I rested for a while bec. I am going to washed a mountain of dirty clothes.

While looking at the dirty clothes it already makes me tired but it wouldn’t be clean if I don’t washed it. This is the duty of a housewife to take care of our family and to make our house clean and order.

When my husband goes to work and it is already lunch time, so we eat our lunch first, then I let my baby fall to sleep. When she was already asleep, I started to washed the dirty clothes.

While I am washing , I am also watching if my baby woke up. It is 7pm when I am already finished washing the dirty clothes. I prepare food for our dinner.

When the food is ready I fed my baby and my brother. After they eat, I bathed my baby and my brother, washed the dishes and fetch water.

I am really tired today but it’s okay this is the duty of a housewife. I put on the sleeping mat on the floor and I know if I lye down , I will fall asleep faster.

I have no regrets w/ my life now????. Though it is not easy but the happiness that my family can give is the world can’t give. Be contented and be happy always????????