Today, my day started so stressful and exhausted. Our rice is not enough for us until lunch. The money that we have isn’t enough for my husband’s food allowance and fare but still he manages to go to work. My brother usually go to school w/ a 5.00 allowance but bec. we don’t have money I just gave him 2 small biscuits for his snack.

During our breakfast, we just eat a little rice in order not to be sick. My daughter eat rice w/ milo as her vayan. The mineral water that supposed to be paid w/ 20.00 was not yet paid. I asked the owner if it’s okay w/ him that I will credit the payment and luckily he agrees and understand.

During lunchtime , I just eat rice alone and my daughter eat rice w/ soup only. I feel pity to my daughter bec. she asked me to buy some snacks but I don’t have money, so I credit it first to our neighbor that has a Sari-sari Store. That’s the advantage of having a Sari-sari Store bec. having it as an extra income is a very big help in everyday life.

I was really worried the whole day thinking where would I go to find money to buy rice for our dinner. So what I did, I try to borrow money from our neighbor so that I can buy rice there’s no harm in trying and luckily he allow me to borrow.

I felt relieved and happy bec. finally I can buy rice for our dinner so that we can eat dinner. My other neighbor also gave us fish for our dinner. GOD is really good bec. He always touch someones heart to help us. I know tommorow is another day and another problem to be face but still I am thankful and I am ready to face it because I know in every problem there is a solution.