Today is the Christmas Day and we woke up very late because we slept very late due to the Christmas Party celebration. I quickly prepare food for our breakfast, fetch water and prepare things for my husband’s work. After that, my baby and I went to the Sari-sari Store to buy dishwashing soap.

When we went outside I can see in everyone’s eyes that they haven’t sleep yet but still they are very happy. When we are finally at the Sari-sari store, some of my baby’s godfather and godmother started to give their gifts and some of them just give cash as their gifts. My baby is very happy receiving her gifts. So we went home and eat our breakfast together.

My husband and I talked about the things that happened last night and we laugh at the things that they did. So when my husband went to work, I clean the floor, the plates, the glasses, the dish cabinet and everything that will be used for my baby’s birthday tomorrow.

I finished everything that I do at almost night time. So I prepare our food for our dinner, fetch water and then fed my children. When my husband arrived home from work, we eat together our dinner and then after eating we started to talked and planned for my baby’s birthday tomorrow.

After everything is okay and planned we went all to sleep. I am very excited for my baby’s 2nd birthday tomorrow. We just planned to give her a simple birthday celebration. We’re still blessed because God has given us the most valuable gift that every couple could ever received. We are contented for our planned birthday celebration as long as we are all in good health and happy always. Advancedd Happy 2nd Birthday my Baby Lovess:)