Today I woke up early and also my brother bec. he is really excited about their Christmas Party.

I cook rice and after cooking I went to the market nearby here to buy fish bec. I’m gonna cook it. When I went home, I clean the fish and cook it, bathed my baby and my husband keep our sleeping mat and we eat together our breakfast.

My husband brought my brother to the barber shop bec. my brother’s hair needs a haircut already. After that we eat our lunch together & my husband went to work. I take a bathed and washed the dishes. I also changed them into their party attire.

They are really happy and excited. When we reach their school, the party has not yet started but almost. After how many minutes, their party started. My brother and baby joined them. They played games and danced and eat their food from McDo that we have paid 155.00.

My baby also is really enjoyed bec. she also participated in everything that my teacher’s brother told them what to do. I was touched when my brother came towards me and said ” Merry Christmas Ma I Love You ” and there my tears start to fall. I could see on children’s faces how happy they are receiving their gifts from their teacher like candies and toys. The children went home wearing a happy faces that includes my brother and my baby.

When we reach home, it’s almost night so I changed our clothes, cook rice for our dinner and fetch water. When the rice is already cook, I went to the market and buy vayan and went home. When I got home, I bathed my baby and after that we eat our dinner.

After eating, I put on the sleeping mat, the children lye down and fall into asleep quickly. They are very tired today but it’s okay as long as they’ve enjoyed. Not all rich people share their blessings to those who doesn’t have instead they keep it by theirselves. As what bible says , “give and you shall receive” , so that God will bless you more. Share your blessings to others eventhough how big or small it is as long as you shared your happiness to other’s.