Each one of us has a hard time, trials and problems. Even children, young people, teenager and old ones. When I am not yet married , I already experienced hard times like no eating in a day, no money even a single coin, no water, no electricity and the most hard thing is growing up w/o a parent but GOD is very good to me that He never let me surrender eventhough I want to. Now that I am married, I also experienced this problem but I’m glad because my husband is there to help me in facing this trials and problems.

Sometimes I cried bec. there are lots of challenges that came into our lives. We would try to approach every person that we know and try to borrow money from them but they would say no even if they have money. I even accept laundry handwash, assignment tutorial and many more just to earn an extra living.

My husband and I experienced that we don’t eat in a day bec. the rice is not enough for us and we just prioritize our baby and my brother to eat. Sometimes my husband can’t go to work bec. he don’t have allowance for the food and fare for the jeepney. We experienced that we don’t have an electricity bec. we haven’t pay our monthly payment and the owner is very strict that she can’t understand our situation and it is very dark in our house. That’s why I always pray to GOD that someday I will have my own electricity & we don’t have to connect to the other people.

It is also very hard that one of your family member got sick and you don’t have money so we don’t have a choice but to borrow money to those people who puts big interest in the amount that you borrow.

The most hard thins is that when my baby would ask me to buy biscuit and snacks and I don’t have anything to give her. It makes me cry and feel pity to her but when I tell her about our situation, she would just say “Sweldo lang Papa Ma buy ta biscuit ug nam-nam” that means “On father’s salary buy me biscuit and snacks”. I am really thankful to GOD despite of all the problems, trials and hard times bec. He blessed me w/ a very lovely , talkative , adorable and intelligent baby. Can you imagine it, a 1 year old baby girl can understand your situation already?.. Our baby is our inspiration that we can pass through our trials. We don’t show to our children that were having a hard time bec. we wanna see them always happy. They are the reason that we keep on fighting on everyday life’s problem. They are our strentgh and source of happiness.

We may have a money but not like the others that is very many. We have a money but still it is not enough for our daily consumption but still we are thankful of our lives. We don’t dream to be very rich bec. money is not that important, the most important thing is we see our family happy altogether and in good health is enough for us. We maybe not rich in money but we are very rich in love for our family..

Always remember this “GOD made trials and problems to make us strong and remind us that no matter what happens, we should never forget that He is up there. He is waiting for us to come unto Him, call unto Him and speak unto Him. We should be thankful for everything that happens in our lives bec. everything happens for a reason. Whatever trials & problem that may come into our lives or we are facing right now , be strong and firm bec.GOD is w/ you always. He will never leave you nor forsake you.”