Today I woke up very early and do my morning routines. Eventhough I am still sleepy because my husband I talked a lot of things last night and we went to sleep at 2am.

I quickly cook rice for our breakfast and buy vayan. I bathed my baby while my husband keep our sleeping mat and then we eat our breakfast. My husband and my baby played each other, after an hour of playing my husband started to prepare his self for work while I prepare his things for work.

After all his routine, we eat our lunch then after eating he went to work and then my children went to sleep. While they are sleeping, I fold our cleaned clothes and put it in their cabinet and then I cleaned our house.

When they woke up, I gave them their snacks and watch movies while I take a bath. After taking a bath, I changed my clothes and fetch water then stored it in our water container. After fetching water, I washed our dishes then cook rice for our dinner, when the rice is already cooked, I bought vayan in the street then went home.

When I got home I bathed my baby and fed them their dinner. After they eat, I sweep the floor and put on our sleeping mat because they are already sleepy and tired of all their naughty works this day.

Today is a quite bored day. Bored day because i’m used to be very busy not to be relax and do nothing. I also have a plan that I wanna start a small business. I pray to God that He will help me to find a way to find the capital money for my planned business. I know that with our Almighty God , nothing is imposibble.