Today I woke up very early to prepare our breakfast, prepare things for my husband’s work and fetch water. My husband went to work very early that’s why when my baby woke up her father is not around. I bathed my baby, changed her clothes and fed them their breakfast.

After that, I started to clean our house, the floor and arranged the things orderly and then after for a while my friend Mr.M and some of the volunteers arrived. Some of his volunteers played with he children while Mr.M went here in our house because he is going to teach me how to connect the pocket wifi through tethering.

Then Mr.M and some of his volunteers came again to our house conduct some interview about my life and I shared them all the things that happens to my life. They also greeted my baby a Happy Birthday.

When they left, I continue to do my unfinished cleanings because some of my daughter’s godmother will come here to celebrate my daughter’s birthday with us while my children eat their lunch. After that, I clean the front of our house, take a bath and my children went to sleep.

Then I went to some supermarket to buy some ingredients and meat that will be used for my baby’s birthday. We just want to give her a simple birthday celebration. When I got home, I ask some of my friends to help me to cook food, buy those lacking ingredients and I also ask one of my friend to go to SM to buy cake for my baby. We are very busy preparing the foods, cooking and entertaining them so that they will not be bored.

When the foods are already cook, we eat our dinner together and we served them 5 kinds of foods. After eating dinner, I light up my baby’s candle in her cake and she blew it while we sing her a Happy Birthday song and yes she was very happy seeing the cake.

Some of her godmother and godfather also brought some gifts for her. Some of my husband’s workmate also came to celebrate with us also. After an hour, my visitors went home then I started cleaning the used plates, spoon, glasses, cooking utensils and calderon while my husband is entertaining his workmates and my baby is busy playing with the other kids.

After everything is clean, I started to washed my husband’s uniform then I put on our sleeping mat so that my baby will just lye down while I am not yet done washing the uniform. I slept at almost 1am and I know that when I lye down I will really quickly fall unto sleep.

Today is a very long day but it is for my daughter’s birthday so it’s okay. We maybe can’t give her a very big birthday party and celebration but as long as we can make her happy is enough for us and she is in good health it’s more than enough. I thank GOD because He give my daughter another beautiful and blessed year.

Happy Birthday My Baby Lovess :).. I love you always ..