Today is New Year’s Eve. Everyone here in our place is very much excited to celebrate and welcome New Year. Other’s wake up very early to go to the downtown area to buy some foods, desserts and fruits for their New Year’s preparation and also some things for their traditional fortune beliefs.

I also woke up early to prepare my husband’s things for work because he will go to his work early so that he can go home early also. I prepare our food for breakfast, fetch water, bathed my baby, keep our sleeping mat, clean our frontyard and also our house because I don’t want to celebrate and welcome New Year with our house is very messed up.

After all the household chores, I take a bath and changed my clothes because I will also go to the downtown area to buy some ingredients for the food and desserts that I will make for our small New Year food preparation:). When I went to the downtown area, the market was flooded by people that you can’t freely. I spend 3 hours in downtown are strolling, finding and buying those ingredients, fruits and some fortune beliefs.

When I got home, I quickly placed the fruits in the 2 layer fruit storage, placed the sweet candies in the container then I after placing it I cook on the macaroni. When it is already cooked, I mix it with the other’s ingredients for the salad then after that I went to the supermarket near in our place to buy some meat, hotdogs, softdrinks and some lacking ingredients for the vayan that I will cook.

When I got home, I quickly cook the spaghetti pasta, sliced those ingredients and spaghetti sauce then when all are ready I mix all the ingredients and it is ready to serve. After cooking the spaghetti, I cook our rice for dinner then washed the used tupperware and dishes.

After that I bathed my baby and my brother also take a bathed then changed their clothes and I fed them with spaghetti. When the rice is already cook, I cook the pork for our vayan. My children are really happy because they are lots of foods, fruits, desserts and sweet candies.

When all the food is cooked and ready to eat, I took a rest for a while then after some minutes my husband already arrived from work. I prepare our food for dinner and we eat dinner together. After we eat our dinner, we watch movie and played with each other while waiting until the clock strikes at 12am.

When the clock strikes at 12am, we went outside to watch fireworks and my baby is very much amazed seeing fireworks in every direction we look. We also greet each other a Happy New Year and also every people who lived here in our slum area and then we went inside in our house. We eat some of our foods and desserts and then my husband washed his dirty uniform so we went to sleep at 2am so when I put on our sleeping mat my children quickly fell to sleep.

Today is a very long day but it is worth it. Celebrating and welcoming our New Year altogether is the most way of celebrating New Year even if we only have our simple preparation. The important thing is you welcome the New Year with your family altogether. You know that in every challenge that may come you know you’ll pass through it because your family is at your side that you can lean on that will give you courage and strength in everything.

Happy New Year Everyone 🙂