Today is Monday and start of school days. I cook and prepare food for our breakfast while my brother take a bath, I fold our sleeping mat and I bought vayan for our breakfast.

They don’t have a proper lesson now bec. tommorow is there School Christmas Party. After I sent off my brother to school, I bathed my baby and we eat our breakfast. My husband and my baby played for a while bec. my husband has still an extra time to relax , after they played my husband ready his self for work while I prepare his things for work and food for our lunch. We eat together our lunch and after we eat mybhusband went to work. When my husband left, I fold and arranged the clean clothes to the drawer. When I finish it, my baby and I went to sleep.

We woke up at 3pm , so I washed the dishes and sweep the floor. I didn’t expect that one of my friend would come to visit me bec. I know he went somewhere and his tired but still he manages to come. When he left, I take a bath and fetch water. After I fetch water, I changed my clothes and cook food for our dinner. I went to the market near here in our slum area to buy vayan. When I got home, I bathed my baby, changed her here sleeping attire and we eat dinner.

Today is a very boring day bec. I’m used to be very busy everyday. I just enjoy everything that I do. Being a mom and a housewife is not  an easy task but if you really love and value your family everything will be easy. I’m willing to take sacrifice for them , that’s how much I love my family. So value and love your family. They are the ones who are always there at your side when you feel like the world has turned their back to you.