Today is the first day of school from Christmas Vacation. I woke up early and cook rice for our breakfast while my brother is still sleeping so I do everything just to wake him up like pinching on his face. So when he wakes up, he quickly take a bath then my sister gave him vayan for his breakfast so I don’t have to buy, while he was still eating I fetch water and washed our dishes then when I was done washing the dishes he was also done eating so I send him off to school.

When I got home my baby is already up so bathed her, changed her clothes while my husband keep our sleeping mat then we eat together our breakfast. After we eat, we went back to sleep and when we woe up it is almost time for his father’s work so I quickly prepare my husband’s things while he was preparing his self.

After everything is ready, I buy vayan for our lunch then we eat our lunch then after eating my husband went to work. After lunch time, I was amazed that my brother went home so early then he told me that they will be having a half day class because their teacher is sick so we all went to sleep.

When we woke up we eat some snacks, then I take a bath and prepare the dirty clothes that I am going to wash. After I changed my clothes, I started to washed the dirty clothes. It is almost night that I finished washing it so I prepare our rice for our dinner. When it is already cooked, I went to the public market to buy vayan.

When I got home, I bathed my baby and my brother then they their changed their clothes and they eat their dinner. After they eat I keep their plates and we played for a while as our bonding moment then after 2 hours my husband already arrived. So I prepare our dinner and we eat.

After we eat, my husband and my baby played while I am washing my husband’s uniform because it is already dirty and he only have 1 uniform. After I finished washing my husband’s uniform, I put on our sleeping mat because we are all sleepy.

Today is an ordinary day , back to school days that means it is a little bit busy but i’m used to it :). Just think of your family as your inspiration in everything that you do to make everything easier.